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Figure 4-Pack with Chad Wild Clay

Collect all the Spy Ninjas characters!

Chad is a YouTuber and expert with Ninja Gadgets, especially his favorite, the Transforming Stealth-Stick. His skills include being funny and using ninja skills to fight Project Zorgo. He’s married to Vy Qwaint and together they started the Spy Ninjas.

Regina Ginera is an expert hacker and Master of Disguise. She uses the PZ Voice Morpher and Hacker Mask to infiltrate Project Zorgo. She loves chicken nuggets, her stuffed animals, and her brother Melvin PZ9.

PZ Squire is a member of Project Zorgo’s gaming division; his job is to hack various video games and help Project Zorgo gain control of the Internet. He tries to act tough but he’s all talk. He’s also not old enough to go out on hacker missions yet.

PZ2 is the leader of the Project Zorgo hacking division. He’s able to sneak through the smallest of tunnels, and likes to jump high and clap his hands when excited. No one knows why he’s so small and hunched over—or why he makes sounds like a dog!

Figure 4-Pack with Chad Wild Clay

You can find more Spy Ninjas characters in Vy Qwaint’s 4-Pack!

All figures stand between 2.75″ and 4″ tall, with 4 points of articulation.