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Figure 4-Pack with Vy Qwaint

Collect all the Spy Ninja characters!

Vy is a YouTuber and the tiniest Spy Ninja. She uses her spicy spy skills to pick locks, solve clues, and stealth-sneak through the smallest of places. She likes to build gadgets from household items, and her favorite gadget is the Battle Baton. She’s married to Chad Wild Clay and together they started the Spy Ninjas.

Daniel uses the Gizmo Drone and his hacking skills to monitor Project Zorgo’s activity. He also uses his Lie Detector skills to determine if someone is telling the truth. He’s always willing to be gross—like hiding in a garbage can—to complete a mission!

Melvin is a gamer and the self-proclaimed “Best Fighter” of the group. His quest for fame and friendship led him to leave Project Zorgo and join the Spy Ninjas. Melvin wants to be the most popular YouTuber, without having to follow anyone’s rules. He loves to hit the gym and practice his fave move, the Butterfly Kick.

PZ Funf is the leader of Project Zorgo’s gaming division. He uses his finger to make horns on his head and then charge a Spy Ninja like a bull. His catch phrase is “hee hee”. PZ Funf claims to be from Germany and loves bratwurst,

Figure 4-Pack with Vy Qwaint

You can find more Spy Ninjas characters in Chad Wild Clay’s 4-Pack!

All figures stand between 2.75″ and 4″ tall, with 4 points of articulation.