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New Recruit Mission Kit

Become a Spy Ninjas member with the New Recruit Mission Kit! It has everything you need to be a Spy Ninja, including a Secret Message Spy Pen, Decoder Wheel, Ninja Noise Enhancer, Member ID Card, Certificate of Achievement, Activity Books—and more!

Secret Message Spy Pen

Send secret messages to your friends with the invisible ink Secret Message Spy Pen! The pen has a regular ink pen, an invisible ink marker, a secret message compartment, and a UV light for revealing the hidden message!

Decoder Wheel

Your Mission Kit comes with a Decoder Wheel and a Codebreaking Guide Activity Book, so you can send or intercept secret messages!

Ninja Noise Enhancer

With an adjustable ear piece and a tuning dial for extending the microphone, the Ninja Noise Enhancer fits right on your ear for those covert missions! Listen in on conversations to stop the Project Zorgo Hackers in their tracks!