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Project Zorgo Infiltration Mission Kit

Hide your true identity and go undercover to help defeat Project Zorgo!

The PZ Infiltration Mission Kit provides everything you need to disguise yourself as a true Hacker, including a PZ Hacker Mask, Voice Morpher, Project Zorgo Membership ID Card, Certificate of Achievement, Activity Books—and more!

Project Zorgo Hacker Mask

Put on the same mask that the Project Zorgo Hackers wear and no one will recognize you as a Spy Ninja! It’s the ultimate PZ disguise!

Mask’s head strap is adjustable to fit.

Project Zorgo Voice Morpher

With the Project Zorgo Voice Morpher, you can disguise your voice and convince the Hackers that you’re part of their team!

You can record your own message and alter its pitch to disguise your voice!

Includes pre-recorded Project Zorgo phrases and sound effects!